Discussion Questions:
Week of June 9th

This week's questions are based off of Brent Swanson's sermon,  "The Rich Fool".  You can use these questions as a study tool for  your weekly small group or for personal reflection/study.  
1. Why does Jesus refuse to arbitrate between the two brothers who are fighting over some inheritance money?

2. Why does Jesus tell us to watch out for all forms of greed? Does greed take different forms? If so, can you describe some of them?
3. Why is the man in the parable greedy? What is the problem with his plan to save up for an early retirement? Does this imply that doing what he did is always wrong?

4. How do you know if you are being greedy? What are some ways that we justify our greed?  

5. What should the man have done with his bumper crop? How could he have avoided greed?
6. How does an experience of God's grace move us in the direction of generosity?