Discussion Questions:
Week of February 25th

This week's questions are based off of Brent Swanson's sermon,  "Made Alive".  You can use these questions as a study tool for  your weekly small group or for personal reflection/study.  
1. Why does Paul feel the necessity to describe who the Ephesian Christians were before they came to Christ? Why is it important for us to reflect on our pre-Christian state?
2. What sticks out to you about Paul's descriptions of human beings outside of Christ? What does it mean that we were dead in sin?
3. Paul says that we were "made alive"  by Jesus. What does this mean? If a person who was not a Christian asked you to explain this to them, how would you do it?
4. Paul says, "By grace you have been saved." What does this mean? What implication does being saved by grace have on your identity?
5. You are God's workmanship, created for good works in Christ. What does this imply about the purpose of your salvation? Do you feel that you are walking in this purpose?